Comedians to watch in 2017 – Tom Houghton 

The past nine years he has been part of one of the biggest improv troupes in the UK and now he is going off on his own and starting his own solo stand up career. In the last part of 2016, he did his last show with his improv troupe The Noise Next Door in Brighton, where it all began (and where the guys are from) and started to do shows across London and parts of the United Kingdom.

Whilst his stand up career is still in the very early stages, he has a strong chance of becoming one of the next up and coming comedians at the Fringe in the next few years. He has already taken on an array of the elite comedians in the boxing ring and won the title of the top Champ (all in the name of charity, he wasn’t In there beating people up to show then he is a better comedian then them all – although that would be an interesting concept..)

Follow Tom on Twitter  @TomHcomedy  to keep up to date where he is performing in the new year, but we recommend to keep an eye as this is one act that may end up sprouting up on Mock The Week as a panelist in the future.

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