Forgotten Pop At Christmas! -Backstreet Boys, Christmas Time

The pop boy band Backstreet Boys are not afraid of Christmas and over the years they have had a few hits and albums related to the topic. In 2012 they released a christmas album but more about that another time as today we are going back to the nineties.

Back in 1996 the boyband released the song Christmas Time as a B Side to the Christmas edition of the song ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart”. The song was written by Veit Renn, Joe Smith and Johnny Wright. The singly was on a bonus disc that was included on some of the editions of the Backstreet’s Back album. The song was also released on the Platinum Christmas compilation album that was released by Jive records in 2000.

So lets sit back and enjoy the joys of the Backstreet Boys and Christmas in the nineties.

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