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I am in the small percentage of people my age that cannot drive, which means I have become very accustomed to using public transport when I go abroad it is one factor that always has to be researched to see where is easy to get without a car and if you can go on long distant journeys then that’s great news. 

Sometimes you have to get creative as to how you travel great distances, one year we decided to do the east side of Scotland and travelled by train from Aberdeen to our next stop which I think was Buckie, then coach all the way to Thurso and then boat to Orkney Islands. We did that all gradually on the way up, staying at bed and breakfasts on the way, but on the way back, we did it all in one go on a six hour trek. Advice – don’t get straight on a coach after feeling sea sick on a boat!

In some countries, like America, you have to do your research as to where public transport goes and the neighbourhoods that they go through – especially the busses.

We decided to go to a zoo one of the days we were in Tampa ( NOT one run by Seaworld I may add) and had to get a bus. We got talking to this really friendly guy at the bus stop and he was shocked we were getting the bus and told us to be careful as some go through really rough areas. The journey to the zoo was fine but another bus journey we went through some horrible areas and felt unsafe and got off in a busy shopping area and went back to the city. 

So here are a few little travel related tales to let you explore the fun and craziness I get up to abroad.


screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-22-36-40I lived for 3 months in NYC working, when it came to my days off all i wanted to do was go travelling. I decided to do Washington DC in a day as my boss at the time told me about a bus that was only like $20 or so. The bus ride from NYC takes a whopping 4 hours one way but that didn’t bother me. I got up about 3am, got into central NYC for about 4.40am and was on a  bus at 5am. I can’t remember any of the journey because i slept the entire journey there and the entire way back because i had such a crazy day of exploring DC.



One of my favourite travel related stories is the time i went to Switzerland. We went for three weeks over christmas and interlined around the country stopping off at different locations and staying a few days at a time. In total we travelled 2,000 miles but it was worth it. The views in the alps and countryside of Switzerland is beautiful and i highly recommend it.



The best way of seeing island is by sea and i loved seeing the coast and also other parts of the island. The first thing that we did was see the mangroves by kayaks which was awesome to see the different animals in their natural habitat. We also travelled to the other little islands of Antigua by speedboat.


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