Forgotten Pop! This Week -Human Nature

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-20-32-53This week we look at an Australian quartet who only scored one hit in the UK in 2000, and this was due to a very famous female who came from a soap and had a music career. This week we talk about Human Nature.

The Australian harmony pop group formed in 1989 with band members Toby Allen, Phil Burton, Andrew Tierney and Mike Tierney. They signed with Sony Records and released their debut album called Telling Everybody in 1996.

Their only hit song in the UK was called He Don’t Love You and it did well over here because of the fact that soap star Holly Valance appeared on the music video. The band had a lot of top class support act spots including touring with Celine Dion and Michael Jackson but did not get recognised in this country on the way.

In 2009 the boys began a residency in Las Vegas performing a Motown themed show and in 2014 they completed their 1000th show. So lets have a look at the one hit they had in the UK.

He Don’t Love You


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