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If there is one thing that I like to do (when I remember) is keep a diary of my travels. I have tried on many occasions to keep a diary up for the whole holiday but usually I will do a few days and then get so into the holiday that I will forget to continue it.

The only time that I kept a diary for the whole time I was there was when I lived in New York City for 3 months in 2010 and worked at a Day Camp teaching children between the ages of 7 and 17 how to make animations and websites. I also kept all the tickets etc that I got from my travels whilst i was there. So this week I thought would give you a snippet into a few of the diaries i have kept whilst traveling.

A Taste of working in NYC 2010


Hi, today was the first day of the children arriving at camp. Myself and Parri welcomed and warmed up the camp by playing games and icebreakers such as duck duck goose. Then we went upstairs and started to teach the lessons once John the director had done all the welcomes and the introductions. I was teaching 3 children this week, two brothers doing graphic design and one child doing web design. I started by introducing and teaching children how to use the Wacom tablet and how to Photoshop. I helped a 12 year old learn dreamweaver and how to use basic coding, I taught the graphic designers also how to use illustrator. I really enjoyed my first day of teaching.


HI! Second day of camp was a success! I ended up teaching the 12 year old how to make a website just by coding in HTML and CSS. Also the two graphic designers learnt and picked up how to use photoshop and illustrator very fast. When it came to the activities section in the afternoon i played soccor / football with the kids. Was a fun day.

17th June 2011- Chicago
Hello today was a really busy day, firstly it was really hot even at 8.30am when we got into Chicago. Today we did the south of Millennium park and went to the Shedd Aquarium. Never in my life have I seen a queue to get into a sealift centre.we queued for about half an hour to get in and bought the Chicago pass so we can skip queues from now on. It was so busy it was insane because it was we both lost interest pretty fast because of it. Best animals in there were beluga whales dolphins and the jelly fish.

When we left the queue was even longer then it was when we lined up. It was as long as the queue for Harry Potter land in Orlando Universal studios and that’s really saying something.

We then went to the natural history museum it was a tad dull londons one kick chicagos one by a lot. We then walked all the way up the park, saw the Buckingham fountain which is pretty then had lunch at a pizza place that is famous for making the Chicago style pizza which is like a pie. It is insane so cheesy and weird to eat. We could hardly eat much of the small so much so took it away and gave the rest to a hungry homeless man. Tonight we saw nkotbsb we were so near the front it was crazy. It was such a great gig so many effects, the band running into the audience. Great night.

22nd December 2012 – Cadiz, Spain
Woke up to a beautiful sunrise across the buildings of Cadiz, filled with purples and pinks galore. The weather was beautiful today, forgot its December! Went and walked round the area, we walked the whole outskirts in 2 hours, beautiful views, buildings and palm trees.

The one thing I found crazy were the wild cats, they all love on the rocks by the sea – cats hate water, so don’t get why they live there! Also the coats of the cats were more fluffy and better kept then some family cats in the UK. Strange.

Spent the afternoon and rest of the morning walking through the small streets looking at shops, eating tapas and oranges juice. Bought loads of oranges they are so good here. Lovely day! This evening we spent ages watching hundreds of seagulls feeding around the ship. They all follow the ship because it disturbs the scholls of fish. Saw so many gulls catching fish, flying with fish or fighting over fish. It’s a time when you wish you had a David Attenborough with you to narrate what was happening!

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