One film that has been turned into a television show recently is none other than Lethal Weapon.The show is aired on Fox and stars Damon Wayans as the new Roger Murtaugh and is a comedy drama based on the original action film of the same name.


The original films starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and was focused on two Los Angeles Police Department detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh. The four original films were all directed by Richard Donner and in total made $955,237,243 at the box office.

The television show which launched this autumn is apparently very similar to the films stories – two new partners at the LAPD must come to terms with opposing lifestyles through top-notch detective work and sheer lunacy. It has elaborate action sequences throughout the show.

The show has received mixed reviews since it’s release some saying that the show is ‘overly polished production values and tired narrative are somewhat overcome by solid chemistry between the two lads.’

The website Indiewire describes the remake as ‘If we have to live in a world where our action classics are repurposed to fit the broadest mould…we’ll take this great cop, average show routine.