Forgotten Pop

Forgotton Pop! – This Week – E-Male

If you are looking for a boy band of the nineties that was pretty much made up of gimmicks, then this is the group for you. They were named after the up and coming advancement in technology and they also used to sing wearing roller-skates, you know, as you do!

The group were around in 1998 and performed on the old school style of roller skates and not inline which were famous at the time. It was later revealed that the group were all part of the musical Starlight Express so it made sense for them to be a pro at the skating and singing.

They only released one song that fans of Jon Robins and Elis James podcast devotees would be  proud of  (please refer to the podcast to understand theta reference) was all about being on email. The song had lyrics such as ‘check us out at our e-mail addresses’ . This e-mail theme also extended to the groups names – there was E-Mense, E-Nigma, E-Lusive and E-go which apparently all stood for different aspects of men.

So lets have a look at the band that had the statement ‘we are E-Male, we just can’t fail – well you can as you only had one song and it is below.






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