A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Comedy – Deadline Discoveries

Working in television means that sometimes you have to work to really tight and intense deadlines, especially when you are in post production. In one of my previous jobs i was working as a Motion Graphics Designer and was working on producing graphics for both television shows and development so was always up against it. When I need to concentrate on a graphic, i find the best thing to do is shut myself off from the world and put headphones on and work to a beat a rhythm etc. Some of my deadlines were really long so would get through a lotttt of music on Spotify so started to delve into the world of comedy that it has on its systems too. I listened to a lot of stand up acts, some i really enjoyed, some that were laugh out loud funny and some that I didn’t enjoy as much. Here are a few of those comedians that I found  / started listening to more when I was up against it.

Steve Martin

I always knew that Steve Martin did stand up as well as being an actor but never got a chance to actually listen to it and one day i sat down and decided to try it out. It was a recording of his stand up show from the seventies or something and didn’t really know what to expect. It was so so funny! He is great at the comedy in the films but i didn’t realise how funny he actually was and really enjoyed listening to his stand up which he also incorporated.

Dane Cook

I have listened to Dane Cook stand up so many times before I was working to deadlines, but Spotify had a lot of his shows that I had not heard before. Also, when you are working to deadline you sometimes want something that you have heard over and over again so you dont have to pay much attention to the punch line. I find his voice quite relaxing to listen to so could listen to him and switch off and not focus 100% if needs be. Sometimes i would find some of the stuff he says really funny and would have to hold my laughter.

Amy Schumer

When i was on these deadlines it was around the time that Amy Schumer name was starting to be everywhere – plastered all over television adverts, online etc. I thought there were two ways I could go about this – i could instantly start to get sick of this persons face or i could actually sit down and fully listen to her stand up shows to see why she is popular. I am glad I went to the latter because I found her instantly hilarious. To me she is like a female Dane Cook but sometimes find her stuff a little more edgy because it is from a female perspective which we do not hear hardly ever.

Tim Minchin

A lot people that i knew raved constantly about Tim Minchin but I had never given him a chance as i was sure that his type of comedy would be something that I would not enjoy. However, deadline week i decided to take the dive and listen to his stand up musical shows on Spotify and really liked them and he is so highly talented with his piano playing. However the one that i preferred out of the two is not available anymore. Gutted.

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