The Boys are Back in Town…

It was announced at the end of last week that the Sky One comedy sport related panel game show will be returning to our small screen for a whole bunch of new and exciting programmes ahead.

Season eleven of the show is set to air on Sky One this autumn, however there is still set to be seasons twelve, thirteen and even fourteen coming up in the near future so fans of Corden, Flintoff, Redknapp and Whitehall will have much to look forward to.

Also, it was announced that this autumn, the boys will be travelling across the pond again to join James in another American Road Trip. The first season of this version of the show saw over 1.39 million viewers watch them take on crazy tasks such as Baseball, swimming from Alcatraz and bowling concluding with one of them joining the chippendales on stage.

There is not definite date for when the shows will air but one things for sure, the bullying of Whitehall, the vainess of Redknapp, the competitiveness of Flintoff are going nowhere.

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