James Acaster Sitcom coming to BBC Two

Last week a whole strand of shows were announced to pilot on the BBC later this year. This week we will look at these three shows and what they are all about, starting with a sitcom that has been written by comedian, James Acaster.

This is a synopsis of the  show has been described as

William (Easton) has dreamt of doing jury duty his whole life and ends up joining a mismatched collection of enthusiastic fools, inconsiderate bullies and self-obsessed weirdos, constantly getting distracted from the case, which is overseen by a demob-happy judge in her final trial. – Chortle

The show will have a variety of actors attached to the show including Sophie Thompson, Diane Morgan, David Schaal, Kae Alexander and Samson Kayo plus many more.

Jame Acaster scripts are being directed by Ben Taylor for Big Talk Productions. The production company have also been behind shows such as Black Books, Frifay Night Dinner, Spaced, The Town and Mr Sloane.

James Acaster has previously spoken to the Guardian about jurors and you can read it by clicking here

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