Comedy Book Corner – Jennifer Saunders : Bonkers My Life In Laughs

Welcome to a new feature to The Phoenix Remix all about books! I read a lot of autobiographies – I never used to but when my interest in comedy grew, I started reading loads of them – which I have spoken about throughout my time writing this blog.So I thought each time I finish a book I will start writing a mini summary / review so that you the reader can get an insight into whether you want to have a read of the book yourself – So without further ado lets start with our first book – Jennifer Saunders : Bonkers My Life In Laughs 

So what is it all about? Well, the book is all about Jennifer Saunders career, life, family and friends and how she became the iconic female comedian role model that she is today. It goes in depth about how she became friends and comedy partners with Dawn French (which if you buy her autobiography, it apparently goes into more depth about their friendship and the book is called Dear Fatty, which is Jennifer’s nickname). The book lightly touches on how she and Ade Edmonson got together but not too much details about the nitty gritty, which to be honest you don’t really need to know. It has some great stories behind the scenes of Absolutely Fabulous and French and Saunders and would be a delight to read for any fan.

It is a light hearted book of fun, with lovely little anecdotes about her time filming the Comedy Strip, going to India with Ruby Wax and Goldie Hawn, to the quaint little stories about her family, Ade, her daughters and animals.

The saddest part in the book is when she describes her experience of going through Breast Cancer – it is described in a sort of depth but due to her style of writing it is not depressing to read it is actually interesting and you symphasise with her.

Out of all the autobiographies that I have read, this is definately up there as one of the easiest to get into. I wasn’t sure that i wanted to read this book, however i came across it in a charity shop and thought it was a bit silly to leave behind. If you haven’t read autobiographies before it could be a good one to read to get into them.

Readability Rating – 7/10

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