It is Saturday which only means one thing it’s time to get your glad rags on and go out and party as its the weekend and what better way to get into that party mood then watching and listening to the catchy tunes of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

The duo made up of Ben Haggerty (stage name Macklemore) and record Producer DJ, Ryan Lewis, formed in 2008 in Seattle in Washington. The group that predominantly do hip hop met at a photo shoot and and have collaborated with each other ever since.  Their song Thrift Shop reached number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2013 and was the first song since 1994 top top the chart without the support of a major record label by Billboard. Their second single Can’t Hold Us Down also peaked at number one and then made chart history having both of their singles reach the top position. Their career is constantly growing and going from strength to strength and they are winning awards left right and centre.

So, lets spend this Saturday enjoying the sounds of this duo and really appreciating their really creative and dance led videos.

Can’t Hold Us Down

Thrift Shop feat Wanz


White Walls feat Schoolboy Q and Hollis 

Dance Off feat Idris Elba