Jonathan Creek set to return to BBC One

It was announced on Tuesday this week that Alan Davies famous character, Jonathan Creek is set to return to the BBC later this year with a one off special episode. Just like the other one off specials that have happened over the years, it will also be 90 minutes in length and will star his wife again in it – Polly played by the ever talented Sarah Alexander.

Other stars that are set to feature in the newest episode also include Warwick Davis, Emun Elliot and Rosalind March. The episode is based upon a verteran horror film director called Nathan Clore who is paralysed after a stroke and lives in the same house as a 19th century sorcerer who would summon the powers of hell to torment his victims.

Alan Davies in a recent interview has said that it is set to be the spookiest episode of the television show to date. There is no specific date or time released yet for the show however, it will be this year.

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