This Week – Game Shows

There are many different game shows coming to the Fringe this year – from your crazy and bizarre to the fun and adventurous, lets have a look at them and what you can go and book to see.

The Ashes: Comedy Showdown 

About: Come and watch Australias’s top comedians take on England’s comics in the Comedy Ashes. Everyone gets competitive and it is all in the name of who can prove who is the funniest.

Where:  Liquid Room Annexe (Venue 276)

Cost: Free

Dates: August 10, 16-17, 23-24, 28

Time:  Times Vary Depending on what date you choose

BBC: Just A Minute 


About: Chaired by Nicholas Parsons, join comedians such as Paul Merton try and speak for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Where:  BBC (Venue 25)

Cost: Free

Dates: August 9th

Time: 17:30, 19:00

Board Game Smackdown – Free 


About: The funniest Fringe performers are coming together to play both classic and brand new board games. Every show will have different comedians and will be hosted by Award Winning comedian James Cook.

Where:  Laughing Horse @ Dropkick Murphys (Venue 289)

Cost: Free

Dates: August 4-16, 18-23, 25-28

Time: 19:45

Comedy Countdown 


About:  If you want to see a live comedic version of this classic and highly  popular game show then you should come along to see this! Star studded line ups try and figure out irrelevant puzzle busters and everything else in between.

Where:  Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

Cost: £8

Dates: August 5-13th

Time: 23:59


ComedyOpoly: Board Games with Comedians 

About: This has been one of the most surprising hits of the Fringe in recent years and now it is set to make its return again this year. The biggest names in comedy are all fighting to be a part of this where they get to rub dices, throw tiddle winks and much much more. Get involved with with the chat show that happens when the comedians are playing such games as Twister, Monopoly and Top Trumps. It will be a show you will not want to miss.

Where:  Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus (Venue 212)

Cost: £5

Dates: August 15-29

Time: 19:00

Get Your Own Back: Live! 

About: If you were a kid in the nineties then this show will bring back lots of nostalgia and really make you feel like a kid again. Dave Benson Phillips returns with moer games, and loads more gunge to present a live version of this much loved show”

Where:  Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17)

Cost: Preview – Full price £8, Concession £7, Normal Price – £12.50, Concession – £11.50

Dates: August 3-51, 17-28

Time: 17:15


Haven’t A Clue! – Free 

About: If you are a fan of charades then this may be the show for you. This show is all about improv as two teams of comedians pit their skills and wit against each other on this hysterical twist on the classic game. The host is Stu Turner and there is loads of audience participation as well as prizes and different line up of comedians each day!

Where:  Frankenstein Pub (Venue 304)

Cost: Free

Dates: August 5-9th

Time: 12:00

Hell To Play 

About: This show last year was a massive cult hit and this year it is back for more with a brand new show! This show is a bad taste comedy show that is set in hell and hosted by the devil. All the games revolve around all the worst people.

Where:  Liquid Room Annexe (Venue 276)

Cost: Free

Dates: August 6-28th

Time: 22:20

Imaginary Porno Charades 

About: This show is all adult content so attend with warning. A variety of performers from across the Fringe perform in two teams ready to perform charades with a sexy vibe.

Where:  Sweet Grassmarket (Venue 18)

Cost: Full Price – £7, Concession – £5

Dates: August 5-7, 12-14

Time: 23:00

John Robertson: The Dark Room 


About: If you are a fan of the old computer games where you had to make choices to move along in the game then this is the show for you! You the audience must choose what happens in this live action, text-based adventure game.

Where:  Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61)

Cost: Full Price – £9.50, Concession – £8.50

Dates: August 4 – 27

Time: 20:30



About: From the makers of Knigh tmare Live comes the MMPORG show. This show combines improv comedy with tabletop gaming in this entirely made up fantasy quest of the audiences own devising.

Where:  Gilded Balloon at the Counting House (Venue 170)

Cost: £8

Dates: August 3-14, 16-28

Time: 21:30





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