Forgotten Pop

Forgotton Pop! This Week – The Noise Next Door

In the past we have spoken a lot about the Improv Comedy group, The Noise Next Door and whenever i search for their name on Google this band came up and after researching into them it is clear to announce that these guys fall straight into out Forgotten Pop category – so ladies and gentleman, welcome to the original Noise Next Door.

These guys may seem familiar to you (to be honest I do not remember them myself even after reading up on them.) especially if you watched the CITV show Ministry of Mayhem as one of their songs was the theme.

The guys, Craig, Ed and Scott Sutton were all triplets and were discovered by John McLaughlin in 2004 when he went to a local Asda.  In 2004 they released their first single, Lock Up Your Daughters and reached number 12 in the chart. Their next single Calender Girls reached number 11. The iconic image of the band was the fact they all had bright red hair but they cut it all off to look more mature. They released two more songs – She Might and Miss You which didnt reach very high in the charts. They recorded an album called Play It Loud however they were dropped by their record label. So let give this forgotten pop band the notice they deserve by checking out their music this Friday afternoon.

Lock Up Your Daughters

Calender Girls 

She Might

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