The Music Guide Special part 2 – Backstreet Boys Solo Careers

Yesterday we brought you the exciting news that one of the biggest boybands in the world was set to release their new album by the end of the year. We also promised you that we would do a Music guide special, yesterday we looked at some of their biggest and best singles as a group and today we will look at the bands solo careers that they have had.

Howie, Nick, AJ and Brian have all had success as a solo artist. Kevin was due to release solo material in 2012 but due to him becoming the fifth member again of the band, he has delayed this venture. Some continued down the pop music route such as Nick, Howie, whilst AJ took a more rocky approach and Brian went down the Christian Music path. Here are just a handful of songs from their solo careers to get you dancing today.

Brian Littrell 

Welcome Home (You)

That’s What She Said

Howie D

Lie To Me


Over My Head

AJ McLean

Live Together

Teenage Wildlife


Nick Carter 

Burning Up 

19 in 99

I Got You 

I will Wait


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