INTERVIEW: Behind the Scenes – An interview with Retro Dave


Here at The Phoenix Remix we love to interview new up and coming talent, especially those that are starting to delve into the world of social media and Youtube. In the past we have interviewed a variety of Youtube channels in our Behind the Scenes feature: a  sketch show channel in Los Angeles called hey It’s Kate show, superhero fan Thesp who is in the South West of England and now we have landed an exclusive interview with a brand new youtuber called David Chapman who is going to introduce you into his world of retro gaming.

Davids channel is called Retro Dave and has been a serious collector of computer games and consoles for just over 2 years. He has always been strongly interested in gaming and now is ready to share with the world his love and knowledge. I sat down with David to talk all things gaming and Youtube.

Hello David! So tell us about you Youtube channel – what is it all about?

My YouTube channel is Retro Dave Gaming and is primarily a Retro Games Let’s Play channel. My motivation to create a YouTube channel stems from my love of Retro Games and my one wish is to share my gaming experiences with other people.

I hope to create a community where I can share my games with those who have not experienced retro games before. My YouTube channel is in its infancy right now and has been live for about 2 months in that time I have learned a heck of a lot about making videos but there is still a lot to learn and I’m looking forward to having many more learning experiences as my channel evolves.

“…as a kid the depth of the story and its dark gritty nature blew my mind.” – David

Your channel is all about retro gaming – how old were you when you got into gaming and how did it get introduced to you?

The first game I ever played was Manic Miner on the Atari ST when I was probably only 6, what cemented my love of Games was when I would go to my friends house aged 10 and play the brand new Playstation for hours on end.

What was the first console that you owned?

The first Computer we ever had was the Atari ST but the first console we ever had was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) both of which were hand me downs from older cousins and were already retro at the time I got them. My favorite game on the NES is Super Mario Bros, I can complete that game now in under 40 mins… on a good day. I also had the original Gameboy and would play Super Mario Land and Tetris all the time.

On one of your videos on your channel, you go through all of your consoles and some of the games you own – how many consoles do you own on total and how many games?

How many games do I have? Wow! Hang on I’ll count ….. Erm so console wise I have 3 NES, 2 SNES (1 uk and 1 us), 1 super famicom, 3 Playstations, 1 PS2, 1 N64, 1 saga megadrive, 1 BBC micro (needs restoring), 1 sinclare zx spectrum, 4 gameboys, 4 gamboy collours, 2 gameboy advanced, a DS, XBOX, XBOX 360, Gamecube, Wii. so in total not including duplicates I have 17 different consoles. Games?… Just a sec…. 404 games of which 94 are for the SNES I’d say I’m about 30% where I want to be with my collection.

What are you overall top 3 games and why?

Top 3 games:

3.) Super Mario Bros – I got this game on the NES when I was young. This game is my therapy when I just want to shut out the world, switch off and play. In a nutshell you just keep running Right and hitting A to jump! Simple yet majestic!

2.) The Legend of Zelda A link to the Past – I know this game backwards and I have played it hundreds of times since I got it on the SNES. I love it dearly. I am playing this game right now on my channel so go check it out!

1.) Final Fantasy VII – An absolute masterpiece! It was released just after Square Soft made the switch from Nintendo to Sony. At the time it was supposed to show off what the Playstation was capable of achieving with much larger memory on CDs than in cartridge games… It delivered!

Final Fantasy VII is an open world RPG featuring random turn based battles that can quite easily take over 100 hours to fully complete. You would think you’d get bored quickly but it’s not so. Whether it be riding a motorcycle, commanding a robot army, Chocobo racing, Chocobo breading, snowboarding, rock climbing, driving a submarine, acting in a play or fighting in the battle arena, there are literally hundreds of different little mini-games to play.

Final Fantasy VII was the first RPG I ever played, I remember visiting my best friend’s house and watching his older brother playing it and immediately wanted it. When I got it I realized just what I had let myself in for. The story starts off so gritty and unfolds exponentially into a huge emotional rollercoaster. The emotional battle that the Protagonist Cloud strife Fights not only with his nemesis Sepheroth but also within himself (as he pieces back together his own identity) was far too much for my little 10 year old mind to comprehend, as a kid the depth of the story and its dark gritty nature blew my mind.

Honorable mentions:

4) Zelda ocarina of time

5) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

What can people expect from the Retro Dave YouTube channel? What’s it all about?

My channel is about Retro Games, so the majority of my videos will be Let’s Plays of my retro games collection. You can expect me to focus mainly on SNES games as this is my favorite console. Currently I am focusing on playing 2 games at a time and uploading 1 video every 2 days. This for starters involves one Platformer and one adventure game or RPG I will eventually expand this to four games on the go with the addition of first person shooters, beat/shoot ‘em ups and multi-player games

For anyone that wants to get into retro gaming what consoles and games do you recommend starting off with?

Buy either a Sega Megadrive/Genesis or a SNES. Currently there are lots of 20 somethings and 30 somethings clearing out their clutter and you can find some real hoards being sold cheap on the internet. The Sega is probably the cheaper option but it’s easier to buy individual games for the SNES.

Games with the most recent announcement being that some PlayStation 1 games are making their way to the store (click here to find out more) – what are your thoughts on this?

I think its excellent news. It makes Retro Games more accessible to a wider audience. I have no problems with people downloading emulations of retro games, for me it’s about playing these games and appreciating them as games and not about owning mint condition box complete never opened nostalgia trophies.

What are your thoughts on modern gaming? What systems are you loving or looking forward to?

In terms of modern games I’m almost totally out of the loop. PC games I struggle to get in to and I haven’t got the money for a PS4 or Xbox one. I loved alien isolation and I really want to play Mirrors Edge 2. The new Doom! That looks fantastic! And I can’t wait to play Final Fantasy XV which for once actually looks like a good Final Fantasy game made by Square Enix! That will be a first!!


Augmented reality is becoming the new trend in gaming – what are your views on this new upgrade?

Virtual Boy

Well virtual reality games have been around for a long time. Nintendo released the virtual boy in 1995. But it didn’t really sell. New VR games which sense your own environment and build the game around it will undoubtedly be the future of game play. Augmented reality however is a concept that I honestly struggle to comprehend. Playing nationwide laser tag in the streets with Google glasses is just something too far beyond me. Although it does sound fantastic!! I have a feeling I’ll be missing the boat on that one.


What would you like to see happen to gaming in the future?

Gaming is a form of creative media, game development it is an art and also a method of storytelling. As long as it remains that way I am happy to just see what happens.

“I have 3 NES, 2 SNES (1 uk and 1 us), 1 super famicom, 3 Playstations, 1 PS2, 1 N64, 1 saga megadrive, 1 BBC micro (needs restoring), 1 sinclare zx spectrum, 4 gameboys, 4 gamboy collours, 2 gameboy advanced, a DS, XBOX, XBOX 360, Gamecube, Wii.” – David

What are your opinions on films such as Pixels and Wreck It Ralph that talk about retro gaming – do you think they give a good reflection?

Loved Wreck It Ralph it was great, all the little gaming Easter eggs were a real treat. I am yet to see Pixels so I can’t comment on that. But in general I love that Retro Gaming is getting such a good hype it makes me hopeful that they won’t be forgotten by the next generation of gamers.

What’s in store on you channel? What can people look forward to?

Well the next game I will be playing is the original Doom. That will happen very soon I’m just psyching myself up for it. I will also begin a play through of the original Final Fantasy in celebration of the new FFXV coming out. That will happen once I complete The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I am also hoping to start doing a Monthly Vlog about the channel and my thoughts on retro and modern gaming.

Who are your favourite characters from games and why?

That’s easy: Cloud Strife. Why? He has a massive sword!!!!!!!!! I know right, it’s almost like I was a 10 year old boy when I first liked this character.

Finally anything else you want to tell our readers? 

If you consider yourself a gamer, if like old games and loved playing them the first time round, if you collect retro games and want to join the retro gaming community or if you have never played retro games before and are intrigued by what you have read in this blog. Then come and check out my channel Retro Dave where you can share my gaming experiences and embark on a retro gaming journey with me that will lead us who knows where!

If you want to follow Davids Youtube channel then click here

If you want to follow Dave on Twitter click here

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