On Friday nights there is one place that is the location for comedy in Newcastle and that place is The Stand. It is the host to their weekly end of the week show with the name obvious but to the point – The Friday Show. The ticket prices are £12 for standard, £10 for concession and £6 for members – but was the show worth the price?

The lineup this week was bursting with variety and a range of different types of comedian which I had not seen before so was intrigued to see what the show had in store.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 16.52.05The MC for the night was comedian Jason Cook. If you recognise that name it could be because he is the writer and star of BBC2 comedy show Hebburn. I have been to many comedy nights in the past and out of all the shows that I have seen I don’t think I have seen many MCs with the energy that Jason had. His quick wit and on the ball banter with the audience actually made the MC a pleasure to watch and not a burden that gets in the way of the acts.

One of the audience members was Finnish and the jokes that came from her challenging Jason that she had seen the best comedian in Finland made a lot of the material for the night but was also funny to see the reactions to him and this girl.

Adam Hess

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 16.48.54

The first act of the night was called Adam Hess. I thought I hadn’t heard of him before but from researching him this morning I realised that I have as I remember his website. Now, I know this is a really random way to remember someone but the reason I realised I knew I had looked into him before was because he has a game on his site where you have to find six clues and then you can win tickets to see his shows and remember thinking it was a great and innovative way to create publicity.

I went into last night thinking I had not heard of him and a few things about his stand up routine stood out. The first thing was that his voice is very similar to James Acaster, so similar in fact that if you put them both on the same radio show it would be hard to differentiate between the two.

As a performer there’s one thing that I noticed which I am sure a lot of the audience did was that he talks very very very fast. Whilst the energy is high and goes very well with his type of humour and on stage persona, I think going to see him for a hour show may leave you walking away not only tickeled funny in the ribs but also utterly exhausted trying to keep up with all his high speed talking.

Monty Burns 

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 16.49.56

Monty was the second act to approach the stage. He had a very different type of comedy compared to Adam – instead he was quite edgy and also sometimes unpredictable with his punch lines.

With interesting jokes and comments he was able to create a great prescence to the stage and also kept the energy in the room to a good standard.

Steffen Peddie

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 16.50.48

Another comedian who was able to keep the energy high in the room. He approached the stage, pointed out all the comments he usually gets (mainly about his weight) and got on with the show.

His comedy was mainly based around his weight but made it very light humoured and witty. Being a local to Newcastle, a lot of his jokes were about the local and surrounding areas which if you are from Tyne and Wear you would find funny, however if you were not a local many of it would have been alien territory and not mean alot. However, the way that he appealed to everyone was that he used expressions and facial shapes to connote what it was like.

Zoe Lyons


Headline act for the evening was a female comedian that has appeared on such shows as Mock the Week, Zoe Lyons. She approached the stage and started with an open array of jokes all about gangster pigeons in Newcastle and seagulls with attitude in Brighton.

She was a great person as a headliner as she had a great energy on the stage, had different voices to connote different emotions and also walked / used most of the stage as well as being quite active and physical on stage.

Her headline act covered a whole range of topics including feminism, the EU referendum,   touring and Amsterdam. She made some really good points about females in comedy and also was really interesting to watch. Having Zoe headline this comedy show went well as all the acts seemed to compliment one another.