Yes you read that correctly and this is focussed on one Musician not his whole band. It was announced earlier this week that the new Blink are doing an intimate acoustic show in Kingston on Tuesday. So to celebrate the return of Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, with the help of Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba, I thought would do a coupld of music guides focussed on each separate member as they have all dabbled in a lot of different musical projects. Mark Hoppus has not only been part of Blink and +44 he has also featured on a lot of artists songs. So instead this article will introduce you to many of the songs he has featured on that you may or may not of heard of, enjoy.

I’ll Do Anything – Simple Plan, Feat Mark Hoppus

Dementia – Owl City, feat Mark Hoppus

Tidal Waves – All Time Low, feat Mark Hoppus 

The Empire – MXPX, feat Mark Hoppus

Paper Dolls – Renee Renee, feat Mark Hoppus

Wrecking Hotel Rooms – MXPX, feat Mark Hoppus 

Hate Your Guts – McBusted, feat Mark Hoppus

Nightmare – Vanilla Sky, feat Mark Hoppus

Thank you and Goodnight – Tonight Alive, feat Mark Hoppus

Until The Stars Fall From The Sky – Mark Hoppus and Richard Gibbs

Elevator – Box Car Race, feat Mark Hoppus

In Transit – Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz