The Music Guide – A Rocket to The Moon

Its that time of the week again for you to sit back and listen to some music by a band you may not of heard of, or have heard of and just want to chill out and have  a 5 minute break from the busy working world. Today we are looking at the musical talents of the now defunct band, A Rocket To The Moon.

The band formed in 2006 in Braintree, Massachusettsby Nick Santino, Justin Richards, Eric Halvorsen and Andrew Cook. The band two studio albums On You Side  (2009) and Wild and Free (2013). Pete wentz showed interest in signing the band to his label but due to unknown reasons the contract never went through. The band toured with a number of different acts including Cute is What we Aim For, Automatic Loveletter and Secondhand Serenade. Here is just a taster of some of the music that this band has produced.

Like We Used To

Ever Enough

Mr Right 

Whole Lotta You

If Only they Knew


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