This Week – Painting, Horror and Historical Comedy

This week we will look at what acts you should be checking out at the fringe that are in the genre of Painting, Horror and Historical in the world of comedy. So if you are looking for the creative, the scary, the interesting of just a barrel of laughs then this will be the categories for you.

Painting Shows

Michael Brunstrom: The Hay Wain Reloaded

About: If you are looking for something very bizzarre at the Fringe then this may be the show you are looking for. The 2015 Winner of the Malcolm Hardee Award for COmic Originality, Micahael Brunstrom comes to the Fringe as an ambitious Suffolk artist transforms himself into a hay wagon. Join English Landscape painter John Constable (1176 – 1837) as he creates his 1821 masterpiece. This show depicts this through a series of surrealist sketches.

Where: Heroes @ Dragonfly (venue 414)

Cost: £5

Dates: August 4th – 13th

Time: 6pm

Horror Shows

LoveHard: The House On Hill

About: The Fringe Website has a synopsis that perfectly rounds up what this show is. 

A family, recently arrived from nearby America, are moving into a newly-acquired property in
Scotland. Specifically rural Scotland. Specifically specifically remote rural Scotland. Rumours surround the mysterious mansion and its blood-drenched past, and the locals aren’t keen on the new arrivals either. But all the Kings want is a nice, quiet, relatively murder-free area to settle down and forget the problems they’ve left behind. Will they find the eternal peace they’re looking for? Will the house claim them for its own? And will remote rural Scotland ever lose its faint sheen of unnatural terror? 

Being on so late at night is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Also maybe a few laughs on the way as it is a sketch show.

Where: Laughing Horse @ 48 Below (Venue 146)

Cost: Free

Dates:  August 4 – 20th

Time: 23:15

Historical Shows

Aidan Killian: the Money Shot 

About: Tipped as one of Irelands hottest comedians, Aidan Killian brings his intelligent comedy show to this years Fringe. The comedy show is all about the secret history of money. His show with a political kick has been described as hilarious and a masterclass in satire by critics.

Where: Heroes @ Dragonfly (Venue 414)

Cost: £5

Dates: Aug 4 – 16th, 19th – 28th

Time: 19:10

Paul Duncan McGarrity – Ask an Archaeologist

About: This is a bot different to your normal show. An archaeologist sits in a room and answers your questions on any topic and he will answer as truthfully as possible. Its classed as an experiment but could lead to rude and crude and hilarious results.

Where: Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire (Venue 338)

Cost: Free

Dates: Aug 4 – 14, 16th- 28th

Time: 12:50

A Sketchy History

About: If you are looking for a sketch comedy show all about history then this is a show you must go and check out . The show takes a stroll through time and questions are the telly boxes, inhabited by greying yet illustrious historians, really telling the truth? The show focusses on the real issues that people had to deal with before the internet and social media such as Twitter.

Where: Just the Tonic at The Community Project (Venue 27)

Cost:  £5

Dates:  Aug 4 – 14th, 16th – 22nd, 24th – 28th

Time: 10:45

Stand Up History

About: In this hours show stand up comedians bring hisotry and the past to life with punchlines galore. the show is all about history meeting hilarity. Watch comedians take on the kings, the chaos, the ancient myths and much much more!

Where: Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn (Venue 178)

Cost: Free

Dates: Aug 5th – 29th

Time: 12:25

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