The Music Guide – Every Avenue

This weekend why not listen to something a bit different and discover a band that you may not of heard of before. Welcome to Every Avenue, they were active from the years of 2003 to 2012, but still have some great music and worth a listen. They are a pop punk band from Marysville, Michigan and consisted of band members David Ryan Strauchman, Joshua Randall Withenshaw, Jimmie Deeghan, Matt Black and Dennis Wilson. The band had three albums when they were together called Shh, Just Go with it (2008), Picture Perfect (2009) and Bad Habits (2011)

In 2012, the band announced that their upcoming tour would be their last and called a hiatus whilst they ‘explore new possibilities’ So lets celebrate the band in style by checking out their back catalogue.

Tell Me I’m A Wreck

Fall Apart


Only Place I call Home

Think of You Later (Empty Room)

Where Were You?

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