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A Little Thing Called Games – Social Times

The one thing great about any sort of game whether its uber silly or just plain fun – they can lead to some great social times with friends. There have been many a game that have been used or customised to have fun with a group of friends and some that have some fantastic memories attached to them. Here are some of the games that have brought back social memories.

Modified Jenga

jenga-tastic night

In the summer of 2011, I had one of the best summers working at a Summer camp in Bournemouth as an activity leader and met some of the most amazing people that are some of my best friends today.

One evening all the girls had a night off and we had a sleepover we decided to have a go at a game that my house created at university – modified jenga. We wrote random challenges on some of the blocks and then when you get it you had to do it. Everytime i played this game it was so much fun and made this game go to a different level altogether.

Jungle Speed


screenshot from one games night

if there was one game that was awesome at university and rocked our house it was – Jungle Speed. Introduced to it by a fellow housemate – the game is like a more advanced version of snap with a few twists and turns.

The main twist being there is a totem pole that you have to grab to win – but you can’t just grab it you are up against all the other components and it means war! The photo above is a screenshot from a video someone took of one of the games battles for the totem pole that occured. That is me in the centre of four of my coursemates (me being the only girl) battling ‘to the death’ for the totem pole – this time round i wasn’t so lucky.


Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4

tony hawks pro skater 4

Tony Hawks is one of my favourite computer game franchises and has also lead to what made a fun social entertainment one afternoon. Me and my housemate were really bored one afternoon and decided to have a ‘Hawk off’ on Tony Hawks. We decided to have a competition on the multliplayer game Horse – however, some of the games ended up lasting an incredibly long time because we were both too good at manuals and both were on manuals that were in its hundreds of thousands of points that it really did take forever for one of us to eventually lose.

Mario Kart

And finally a game that has been there throughout as a great social game. I have
played this with so many different people, at so many different houses, at so many different social events, Mario Kart really is one of the leading champions in the way of social games. It’s something everyone can play and also have a fantastic time doing so! It’s so much fun and has caused some really fun chilled out nights and even crazy ones too.


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