A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Games – Board yet?

Board games of all varieties have always played a part of my life in some shape or form. When you are a kid you get introduced to a variation of board games as some form of entertainment (especially when the internet was not around.)

There are some board games I love and that always bring back memories so here are a few that I enjoyed or had a hate love relationship with.


This game we spent many a night playing when i was a kid and it was a great way to develop describing things. I always used to go a weird way round the houses apparently but it was still good fun. I like playing this whenever i get the chance which is never these days, but it was always one of those games that you would never get bored of.



I photo i found from 2010 of drinking Monopoly night. We were bored and our landlord had the game in the house.

This is a game that i can’t stand but its also one of those games that i have a love hate relationship with. It’s one of those games you play when you are uber bored or if there is nothing else to do – it is fun at first but then slowly dies away after the first hour. I have played this in all situations – with family, with friends at university (where we made it into a drinking game) and even to pass the time. This game just doesn’t escape you. I have played variations of it too – from the basic to Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s just one of those games that is always there for you and let’s be honest, never finished.

Trivia Pursuit Disney

Trivia Pursuit is another game that is always lying about. I grew up playing this a lot, i was never a real fan of the original as the questions were quite outdated and I always found them difficult to answer because i was quite young when we used to play it. So, we eventually bought the Disney version which still i love as its great fun and tests my knowledge on my favorite subject – Disney and animation! I also bought a Nightmare Before Christmas one in the USA that i never ended up using but sold it on eBay and it made quite a bit of money as you can’t get it over here!


This was one of my favourite board games as it was such a variety of things that you had to do in the game. It is such a creative game and loved all the different topics and mini games that it creates. This game just creates pure laughter and fun!


Game Of Life

Again, this was a board game that we used to play alot and I used to really enjoy. It always lead to a different story each time and was always a fun little thing to play, although sometimes it did go on a tad long. I really liked the counters that you put little members in the family in the car.

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