Blink 182.0 is officially here…..

I am a huge Blink-182 fan and when the news dropped last year that founding member Tom Delonge was leaving the band (or kicked out) , it didn’t surprise me that he wasn’t ready to focus on Blink-182 music again. When they origianlly broke up i was pretty upset like the rest of fans and like all fans blamed Tom even though I was more of a Tom fan then any one else in the band, i like Mark but Tom has always been someones voice i preferred and also was one of the people that inspired me to learn guitar.

When Angels and Airwaves came along and the music stated to develop i started to forgive him and understand why he wanted to do what he wanted to do. However, when Blink reformed after making up after Travis nearly died in a Plane Crash, I was very excited but at the same time interested to see what was going to come out of it. Both Mark and Tom’s music styles had changed since leaving Blink – Toms going down a more adventure exploding big rock way and Mark developing the style of punk rock into something special with the fantastic band +44, which sadly only had one album.

When they dropped the album Neighbourhoods I was very excited to listen to it but throughout you could hear on what songs were influenced by Tom and what were influenced by Mark as they either sounded like AVA or +44 there was no real in between. I saw them tour when they reformed and it was the magic i had waited for and was a fantastic night as myself and my two Latvian friends (both called Walter) lined up for hours to get to the front (video below).

However, I had a feeling it wasn’t always going to last (excluding the Dog Eating Dogs EP as that wasnt really an album so to speak). The music styles of Mark and Tom had become a bit chalk and cheese and whilst it worked fantastically for one album i had a feeling there wouldn’t be a second. There was one song that did sound like the old Blink-182 and that was released last year on a solo album by Tom Delonge who had ‘accepted’ Blink so to speak didnt want him and released all the demos he had been working on him. It didnt feel like AVA or +44 but you could hear distinctively where Mark and Tom’s Voices were meant to be on the song which if an album with Tom had been developed may of lead to something special but i still think their individual sounds would still be heard.

Last night the new Blink 2.0 single was released ( i refuse to call them Blink 182 as they are not original and this is a new generation for the band) and to be truthful 100% predicted what was going to happen. The new song sounds like it belongs on a +44 album, which is something i am not complaining about as I really loved that band and wished that Mark had taken it on more of a spin then just one album.

The new single is easy to listen to and it does lead to intriguement to see what the album California (released 1st July) will have to offer and looking forward to seeing what Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio brings to the table and whether any of his sounds and influences will be more highly noted. It’s not a bad thing in some ways that Blink has developed as I am glad Tom Delonge is focussing on what he is doing at the moment, releasing books, comics, films etc and capitvating a 360 universe in music which i think is going to have some fantastic outcomes. The only criticism is that Mark and Matts voices are very similar where as when Tom was in the band his voice would grat through a lot more and create that style of difference you are looking for. I don’t think its a bad thing that Matt has joined, to be honest if it was anyone else i think it wouldn’t work as well. However at the moment this to me feels like a new album for +44 not Blink, but let the album on July 1st prove me wrong.


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