Comedians Vs The World Records

This week there was an announcement that some brave comedians are going to brave the tall dangerous trek of Everest to perform the worlds highest stand up gig. Alan Davies, Tommy Tiernan, Craig Campbell, Dom Joly and Glenn Wool were among those who had originally planned to be a part of the expedition however, they have all dropped out due to work commitments.

So instead, four different comedians are going to brave the 5,365m above sea level expedition next month. Martin Mor, Wayne Deakin, Mickey D and Tom Wrigglesworth are ready to start their nine day trek to perform a gig on April 16th.

Tom Wrigglestworth

There are a whole list of comedians that have broken records in the past and here is a list of some of them below.

Longest Edinburgh Gig: Mark Watson

According to an article from 2010, Mark Watson holds the record for the longest comedy gig performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show lasted a whopping 36 hours however, he never registered it with the official world record book holders. However he did propose to his future wife  at the end so something great came out of it!

The Most Jokes in a Hour: Tim Vine

Back in 2004, Time Vine broke the Guinness world record for the most jokes told in a hour. Whilst some were one liners or puns, he told a whopping 549 jokes in 60 minutes!

Biggest Solo Audience: Lee Evans

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 09.26.52

One of the United Kingdoms biggest comedians has really proven this is in the peak of his career. In 2005 he set the Guinness World Record for a solo act as he performed to the biggest comedy audience of 10,108 people at the Manchester Evening News Arena.

Most Downloaded: Ricky Gervais

If you have any one to thank for the populatiry of the podcast then that man would be Ricky Gervais. In 2006 he entered thje books for the most downloaded podcast an average of 261,670 downloads per episode!

Fastest Selling : Michael McIntyre

Mcintyres DVDs has skipped, hopped and jumped this comedian into the record books. His debut stand up DVD released in DVD was the fastest selling, however his follow up in 2009 out sold the first one quicker!

First Comedian to Perform in Cyber Space: Jimmy Carr

One of the comedians of the UK that is always trying to break the boundaries. He was the first comedian in the UK not to sell his latest stand up on DVD but only stream it on Netflix and back in 2007 he became the first comedian to perform a gig in cyberspace with a show inside the game Second Life.

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