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A Little Thing called Television – Romance in Comedy

I came up with the idea for this blog post about a week ago when I re-watched an episode of The Office (US) where Michael proposes to Holly and forgot how much I loved the way it was done and started to think about other episodes in other television shows in which I have loved the romantic storyline, the way it was edited to create the build up and also the process in to how the couple have come together, been re-concelied or even broken apart.

Everyone has a list of television shows that they watch on a regular basis. I love comedy based shows and do tend to watch a lot of sitcoms. I do also like watching a few of the dramas as well. This list will mainly be of these two genres – so I apologise in advance if a show you watch has a great romantic episode / build up of a romance that is not mentioned – my list of “things i need to watch” keeps getting longer and longer and I should really start to tick things off of it. So – lets get started!

(WARNING – This blog post contains spoiler alerts for those who haven’t seen these programmes – so if you are intending to watch them, please don’t read that section as it will ruin it for you. )

The Office (US) – Jim and Pam / Michael and Holly 

Since I started with them in the first paragraph, I thinks only fair that I start with them in the first show. I really like the way that the Office (US) build up romantic stories – the main one being Jim and Pam, but I am going to start with Michael and Holly first.


I heard about Steve Carrell’s decision to leave the office a long time before I saw the show as I got into it very late on and the episodes had already aired. I knew that he left in Season 7 so I was waiting to see how it was done. I felt through the beginning of the Season that the episodes were slowly running out of the holding power that kept me watching the show. But then something happened – they brought Holly back. How they brought her back I thought was a little bit predictable and sort of felt like everything was being rushed in the narrative so that Steve Carrell could leave. However, when I saw this episode it made me first well up with tears in my eyes (because it is such a sweet and romantic proposal) and also smile because they were giving Steve Carrell’s character a really lovely reason to leave the show. It is one of my favourite proposals I have watched on TV and love it.


The main couple that the US Office is based around, originally to mirror the relationship of the UK Office of Tim (Martin Freeman) and Dawn (Lucy Davis) but the results are completely different. I really liked the relationship story between Jim and Pam in the earlier seasons of the Office as it was all about whether they will or they won’t get together. There are two episodes that I love with Jim and Pam – the first one is the end of season 2 when Jim tells Pam that he is in love with her, and the second is the wedding. I love the wedding episode as it is based around a Youtube video but it really highlights the way that it again highlights the love between these two characters.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Monica and Chandler 

Chandler has always been my favourite character in Friends, and when he started seeing Monica, the stories started to become really exciting as to when people would find out they were together. I loved the comedy factor around the other Friends finding out and also how they found out. One of my favourite episodes is when Pheobe pretends to have a crush for Chandler to make him out the fact he is seeing Monica, and instead of just declaring he is seeing her, he admits for the first time that he is love with her.

Chuck – Chuck and Sarah

Chuck is one of my all time favourite shows, and I love the story that develops between Chuck and Sarah. Its not just something that develops over one episode – it occurs for all 5 seasons but the real build up happens over the first three and leaves the audience always in tender hooks and screaming at the tv “be together already!?!?” The episode when they do end up together, is one of my favourites as he saves her life and shoots someone for the first time to save the woman that he loves.

I couldn’t find a YouTube clip to show this part, so here is a clip that shows their first kiss. Sarah knows that Chuck really likes her but has always told him that she doesn’t feel the same, When she thinks a bomb is going to go off she takes the last few seconds to show how she feels.

The OC – Seth and Summer 

When this show first started, I never understood why people liked it and then one day when I was on a late start at college, i turned to channel 4 and it was on and I started watching it and it was an episode in season 2 where Seth and Summer get back together and I realised why people liked it. I then watched it from the beginning to watch the story between Seth and Summer and how it develops. The one thing that I love about The OC (and its also the same thing I love about Chuck ) is the way that the music is used to emphasise emotion. This is done alot in The OC, especially with romantic scenes. I cannot think of a specific scene or episode which I love because there are always loads of classic moments with Seth and Summer. I do like the way that they focus on they fact that  “opposites” attract.

How I Met Your Mother – Barney and Robin

I get bored of this show. I was getting to a point where I was going to stop watching an then something happened. The player who sleeps with anything that walks starts to have feelings, and starts falling for his girl mate – Robin. The build up to this romance was really well done and was so great when they did become a couple and then ruined in the last season. However I felt that it was dragged out and ruined when they were a couple and felt that episodes were just produced to fill the time in when the main character Ted finds the mother to his children. The seasons kept going round in circles and I was getting bored of them, however I did start watching again to see how Barney proposed to Robin and I thought it was really sweet.

Gossip Girl – Chuck and Blair. 

I am not a big fan of this show, just like HIMYM, i find it is dragged out and goes round in circles. I only started watching it because I had nothing else to watch. The one thing I ended up keep watching for was the relationship between Chuck and Blair and if it would develop and how etc. It went round in circles  and got really boring. The first kiss was the reason I kept watching as the bad guy ends up falling for the girl who has pretty much everything. It was interesting at first but it just got boring and started to make no sense. The one thing I really liked about their first kiss was the editing, and the way that it was edited in time to Sum 41.


I am going to finish with a show that provides comedy when their is love scenes / weddings.

The Vicar of Dibley. 

There are always hilarious parts to these episodes when there is romance involved and I love it so much for it. Here are a few clips! Enjoy!



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