Bananaman The Musical

It was announced earlier this month that the cartoon superhero, Bananaman is getting his own musical. Yes, you heard that correctly, the parody-crime fighting superhero who originally appeared in the Dandy comics and then the Beano will be heading to the West End later this year.

The comedic hero was designed to be a parody of Superman and Batman with a hint of Captain Marvel as well. In the 1980’s the BBC made a cartoon series of the show which had a catchy theme tune which had the voices of The Goodies on it.

As well as a Musical in the works, there is also a film in production as well, it was originally meant to be released last year but has been put back due to the production process being delayed.

There are no real details about the musical as of yet, but it has been announced that further details will be revealed on 2nd February at an industry launch event where Banana cocktails will be served.

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