A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Film – I Blame The Rom Com

In this modern day age, being single isn’t all its cracked up to be – if your not going window shopping and judging people by a flick of the wrist to the left or the right, deleting someone because you can be judgey with everything now or being drunk and making out with whatever comes your way then modern society isn’t really for you.

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I think sometimes I was born in the wrong era, it has become a photoshop judging facade of drunken mess and to be honest, it’s not for me. I don’t think finding a date from judging them on an online persona is my sort of thing and I hate hate HATE what sites such as Tindr have done to the dating world.

I have always been a bit of a dreamer, and i suppose in some ways you could call it a romantic. I don’t want to find the person i am meant to be in a relationship by ticking a box or swiping in a direction, i want to get to know someone for who they are not what on photos they decide to portray themselves with.

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Now I am going to stop my rant now on modern dating and take me moan a little towards the film side I in some ways blame the rom com. These films are indoctrinated to do three things to a female. The first is to make you feel good inside and prosperous that the ideal mate will randomly come out of nowhere and you will fall madly in love. The second is if you ARE in a relationship it makes you feel even more luvvy duvvy with your partner. And finally, number three, it will make you feel fed up if you are nowhere near anything like this happening and can lead to you feeling even more fed up then you were before. In this modern ay society I think modern online type dating is 70% the cause of damaging the dating and 30% is due to films and television.

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE the good old rom com and whilst i have used a lot of this blog to moan about modern dating etc this post is also to praise the rom com films that make you feel this way int he first place and i suppose create hope for singletons like myself any other girl. Here is my top five.

1) Bridget Jone’s Diary

Every girls best friend this film is always there for you on a rainy day, that valentines day alone, that time when you have just broken up with someone, made a new crush, wanting some inspiration. This film has everything for a girl that makes everything right in the world again. Every girl wants a Mark Darcy type of guy and it brings a sense that no matter how old you get, even if you are a ‘little bit fat’ there will always be someone potentially out there for you.  \

2) A lot Like Love

I came across this film randomly and instantly fell in love with it. Its about  guy and  a girl who keep meeting throughout life and eventually end up together. I suppose its the dreamer and believer in me that this could happen one day. Sometimes you have to take the long road to get what you really want.

3) How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days

I like this film because it has a sense of stupidity to it which i really like. Also like quite a lot of the films i ironically like, its about a women who is business orientated and is focussed in doing something with her life and not letting her love life rule her world. It ends up in a predictable route but has some fun stories along the way.

4) How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

This I suppose is more classed as a comedy but the undertone of the romance between Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst’s characters I really like. Its a bit of an underdog story and thats what I really like about it. i like the fact that its a sudden realisation and the way that it builds up.

5) 13 Going On 30

This film is always a light hearted watch and in some ways it brings hope once again to the watcher that sometimes the person you are meant to end up with you already know.

So yes, I guess you can call be a romantic dreamer, or probably just delusional, but i am waiting to meet my mystery mister not by flicking to the right because i think they look good and have a good profile.

Next Week – Festive Treats 

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