Best Couples in Comedy Television part 1

We all love sitting in front of the television after a long day of work to relax and watching our favourite shows. Throughout the years there has been many different comedy shows, whether they have been from across the pond or produced on local shores, they all have one thing in common that we all know and love.

They all have a couple that we wait in anticipation for them to get together, or they are already together and they make the world even if it is only for 20 odd minutes, a much happier and hopeful place for all of us (especially for those who are single!) Lets have a look at some of the best couples throughout comedy show history:

Miranda and Gary (Miranda)

The comedic couple

The comedic couple

Throughout the entire show, the audience are rooting for the comedic duo to end up together. Whilst the show is mainly about Miranda and her unique outlook to life the calamities that she endures, the heated comedy between the pair makes the show hilarious and makes them one of the best couples to come out of an English comedy in recent years. 

Dawn and Tim  (The Office UK)

The Will They Won't They Couple

The Will They Won’t They Couple

Will they or won’t they, that was the main question of everyones lips when they weren’t focussing on the worst boss in the world, David Brent. The relationship which many of us can relate to in the work place however, unlike some this eventually has a happy ending.

Michael and Holly (The Office US)

The Quirky Couple

The Quirky Couple

Whilst everyone loves the turn out of Jim and Pam and that it was technically the UK version extended into American format, there was another couple that fans of the show were routing for. I would say one of the quirkiest couples on television, that couple being Michael and Holly. Whilst Holly may of left in one of the earlier seasons, the fact that she was written back into the show was comedy genius as it gave the viewers what they want and made the reason for Steve Carrell leaving the show a really happy ending that everyone would finally want for the boss with a big heart but many failed relationships.

Monica and Chandler (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

The relationship we all want award

The relationship we all want couple

One of the best story lines to come out of the sitcom apart from the Ross and Rachel relationship. It’s only when you look back at the first few seasons in order that you realise that this may of always been on the cards. Int he first few seasons Chandler and Monica’s friendship is always quite flirty and when it gets to the season where they go to the beach house Chandler is even asking Monica what is would take for her to go out with her. When the couple eventually sleep with each other in London is originally comes as a massive shock to the audience.

However, if you watch the earlier episodes after watching all ten seasons you in some ways wish it happened earlier because they really are great together. Monica can feel in control as Chandler finds relationships very difficult and Monica knows Chandler well enough for his commitment scares and bad jokes not to scare her away.

Robyn and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

The couple screwed over by the writers of the show

The couple screwed over by the writers of the show

If you are a How I Met Your Mother fan, then you must feel, like me that the run up to Robyn and Barney originally getting together was fantastic. Then it went downhill when they broke up and the storyline went dry again, then Barney proposed and the proposal was legen….wait for it….dary. Then the finale happened and the producers (excuse my rage for a moment) screwed us all over. They turned the finale into a sob story and made Robyn end up with the most boring man in the whole show, Ted. Yes he is the main character but come on, Barney has been running the show for years and the fact he ended up with the girl he used to sulk about all the time when he didn’t have anyone is an awful outcome and makes me question why i wasted all those seasons on the show.

Cam and Mitchell (Modern Family)

The steal the show couple

The steal the show couple

Now if you are a fan of Modern Family then you will know this couple very well as they steal the show. Cam and Mitchell and their daughter, have a fantastic relationship that is filled with so many emotions that there is always some hilarious outcome on the brink of happening. Whether it’s Mitchells nerves kicking in or Cam trying to teach their daughter Lily to be a clown, there is always a hilarious result which will have you laughing and awwing for days after.

Ben Harper and Susan Harper (My Family)

The couple that most people can relate to

The couple that most people can relate to

Now, this show may of been off the television for a couple of years, however it is one of the longest running sitcoms in the United Kingdom in recent years. It did so well because everyone could relate to the family in one way or another, especially the husband and wife, Susan and Ben. The arguments that they end up having over the silliest of things happens in most families and ended up making them one of the UKs best loved sitcoms.

Howard and Bernadette (The Big Bang Theory)

The Nerdtastic couple

The Nerdtastic couple

When this relationship eventually bloomed on the Big Bang Theory it was great to see Howard in a different light instead of a creepy nerd. With the introduction of a love interest that was as unique as Howard meant that it also connoted to the audience that there really is someone out there for everyone. Their unusual and quirky relationship has left this couple to be highly successful in the BIg Bang world with Bernadette even resembling areas of Howards biggest love in his life apart from her…his mother.

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