Spin Off Animations We Would Like To See…

It was announced this week at the Disney Expo of 2015, called D23 that Toy Story 4 will be based around the Love Story of Woody and Bo Peep. The information that has been revealed so far is that Woody will go on an action packed adventure to try and find his love who mysteriously disappeared before the third film and there was no reason or explanation as to what had happened to her.  There has not been much information released in regards to what the story will entail however John Lasseter the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios did state that they are going to try and build Peep into a very strong character.

Toy Story 4 is in development

Toy Story 4 is in development

There have been many films that have lead to spin offs in the animation world such as Puss in Boots from Shrek, The Minions from Despicable Me and The Penguins from Madagascar and the most recent Dory from Finding Nemo (due out 2016) which have all soared in strength and explained a back story to the much loved characters that we all know and love. However there are some characters that haven’t had this treatment and we would still love to know more about them. Here are our top 3:

Donkey and the Dragon

The Love Story that never really made the screen

The Love Story that never really made the screen

The big question that most Shrek lovers have is – how DID donkey and dragon have children. No, we are not talking about a rated R film here, but i think it would of been good to have a film based around the Donkey and the Dragon and maybe focus on their children. Whilst they appear in some of the Shrek films and shorts, there is not a real focus on them and I think that it would of been nice to see the life of Donkey-Dragons and how they coped with being furry flying fire breathing things.

Maximus and Pascal 

Will the duo ever return?

Will the duo ever return?

This would probably work better as a short film instead of feature length. The Tangled Ever After short film about the wedding of Eugene and Rapunzel was about the wedding ring going missing and the main characters in it was actually Maximus and Pascal. They may be non-speaking characters, but they have such strong characteristics and personalities that I think more film shorts should be released with them teaming up and saving the day in Kingdom with comical characters such as the drunken old man making an appearance and helping out / causing more calamities to the stories.


What Actually happened?

What Actually happened?

Remember the funny little red dragon that helped Mulan rise to the top? Remember the beginning of the film when he goes to the ancestors and they all have issues with him and don’t like him? It may be a bit late for it now, but back in the day when Mulan was at its prime they should of released a movie, whether it went just to VHS or television, about how Mushu became the way he was and what he did to anger the gods. The fact that he was voiced by Eddie Murphy as well, it would of been a very comical adventure.

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