Podcast of the week – Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits, BBC Radio Wales 

This funny Welsh man, has been plastered all over the BBC channels in the past few years. The last host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, has his own show Work Experience, has been part of documentaries such as Rhod Gilbert Vs  Kilimanjaro. If you haven’t guessed it already I am talking about comedian and all round funny man, Rhod Gilbert.

The last person to host Buzzcocks and did a cracking job at it

The last person to host Buzzcocks and did a cracking job at it

Every Saturday, he hosts a radio show on BBC Radio Wales with a variety of co-hosts which change every week including Eggsy From comedic rap group Goldie Lookin Chain. The show is also available as a podcast under the name “Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits” which is approx 30-40 minutes of all the talking parts of the radio show. The show is technically aimed at an older age group then myself and I know this as they always say from time to time that it is for people in late 30s etc. Compared to other Saturday radio show podcasts that will be mentioned in future weeks, it takes a calmer and slower approach to life.

Eggsy Goldie Looking Chain

Eggsy Goldie Looking Chain

Usually filmed in a small studio or the kitchen of Rhods house (where you sometimes hear his dog going a a bit mental barking in the background which gives it a nice ‘family’ approach to the listener) the main topics of discussion are focussed on the funny headlines and stories in the news, listener call ins about various topics and every week there will be some sort of random and original quiz testing his co-host – anything from quizzing them about how many things you can do with a tea bag, how manly they are according to a newspaper quiz to why are Rhods jeans rolled up that day (which was also a phone in as well).

If you are looking for something that is a little bit slower paced and funny at the same time then I highly recommend downloading this podcast weekly (usually available on iTunes by Monday) as it will start you day with a calming giggle fest. The only negative thing about the podcast is that there are not many to download as they disappear after a few weeks so get in there fast!

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