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The UCB NY Experience!

Another 2 week silence! You know I do it just so you’ll miss me! In reality, I was in NYC! I had promised Holly I’d live tweet my experience of taking classes and watching shows at UCB, but I was too in awe to take time to do […]

New Creative Doors

We’ll start our chat about the lessons we learnt with guest teachers by going back a whole year! Last January, Lydia Hensler and Zeke Nicholson, from UCB NYC and LA, came to London to teach some workshops. I was doing improv for a year, not always super confident […]

USA in London

We had a truly great show last night! Playing with Keith Horvath was a lot of fun and we’ll be enjoying his sold out sketch writing class in just little bit. Our guest teams The Die Hards and The Yayas brought a few laughs and we were delighted […]

INTERVIEW: Meet our new writers C3?

In the last few weeks C3? have become regular writers for The Phoenix Remix for a few weeks now, so its only mandatory that we welcome them on board with an interview to introduce them to you properly! So ladies and gentlemen, readers new and old, Meet Carleen […]