It’s A Trap Month! – INTERVIEW – Pizza And Baby Yoda

All this month we are talking to MissImp, an improv team based in Nottingham and this year they are taking their show on the road! The team have a show called It’s A Trap The Improvised Star Wars show and this year they are performing in many locations including The Brighton Fringe. This week we end with a traditional quick fire question round with the It’s A Trap producer Ben.

Television show or Film you are looking forward to seeing this year?

Mandalorian Season 3, intergalactic father son adventures!

Favourite book?

Ella Minnow Pea – Playful clever and funny book with a great message about the risks of conformity.

Favourite lyric of a song?

“It’s not where you start it’s where you finish”

Favourite band?

The Max Rebo Band – can’t wait for their Tatooine tour.

Where do you want to visit this year?

I’d love to get across to Italy again, or as we call it in Star Wars – Naboo.

Favourite animal?

Something feline, one of the larger small cats like an ocelot or a lynx.

Dream venue to perform?

I’d love to sellout the Pleasance Grand with Star Wars at the Edinburgh Fringe

Favourite food when on tour?

Got to be a pizza, easy self contained meal and hard to get wrong.

Three words why people should see your show?

Joyful Sci-fi Mayhem

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