REVIEW: Jack And The Beanstalk, London Palladium

Today we have something special for you, one of our reviewers, Dan, visited the Pantomime Jack and The Beanstalk last week ad wrote a review about it for our readers.

Back at full strength after a disrupted two years, Jack and the Beanstalk is the first full scale pantomime production held there since 2019. With the casting budget, as usual, thrown out the window, it features returning regulars Julian Clary, Paul Zerdin, Nigel Havers, and Gary Wilmot. The show adds in Dawn French, Alexandra Burke, Louis Gaunt, Rob Madge and Natalie McQueen to complete the titular roles.

The show once again continues under the guise of being for the children, but with so much innuendo and lack of plot for the sake of comedic scenes between characters, it’s very much a pantomime for us adults to enjoy whilst still being clean enough for the younger ones. (So long as you fancy explaining why the audience was laughing at so many innocent sounding lines).

Despite all introducing their character names, most of them are swiftly discarded in the script as the main players revert to using their actual names to heighten the comedic effect. The appearance of the Bean Stalk shortly before the interval will be something to remember for years to come.

Paul Zerdin’s ventriloquism and jokes, though all rather familiar by now, are still a delight to hear and view. Julian Clary’s costumes and lines peppered with cleverly written innuendo are as just as delightful and Alexandra Burke’s pantomime adapted songs provide the musical entertainment.

Two and a half hours of fun. Make sure you see this year’s show.

RATING: ***** 5 Stars

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