The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Man O’War Beach, Dorset, United Kingdom

Scott.merryfield CC BY-SA 4.0

If you visit Dorset, then there is one thing that you want to do – visit the coastline. There are so many beautiful areas on the Jurassic coastline and today we are going to look at one of these places that you try and take the time to try and visit.

Man O’War beach is located right near Durdle Door. It is a shingle beach that has these phenomenal rock formations that you will want to see. The name comes from the narrow reef which is just offshore from this area. This particular beach is home to some small en caved coves that really show the history of the location with the lines in the rocks. Due to the fact that it is a beautiful coastline it can get very busy, especially in the summer.

I have been past this section of coastline quite a few times as I went to University in Dorset. It is absolutely beautiful and even if you do not physically go onto the beach, still make the effort to walk past as the coastline is amazing. Before you visit any of the beaches in these areas please check the tides changing times so you are always safe.

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