Taste Of States – BEYOND THE FOOD SPECIAL – McDonald’s Umbrella

This month we are taking a look at a completely different angle at the subject of food in the USA. Food isn’t something you can just eat, it is also something you can now wear, use or even have it as a scent. One of the most crazy things I think I have seen myself was when I was in Chicago airport, and there was Bacon flavored toothpaste. Since that day in 2011 I’ve been fascinated with what else is out there. So this month I thought we would look at some of the unusual products on the market.


If there is one of us food chain that you expect to have merchandise it is McDonald’s and they have exactly that. McDonald’s has a merchandise website where you can buy a variety of products promoting the brand items include a tote bag, journals, hair ties, and socks. They even have seasonal limited edition items as well. For example in the summer they had an inflatable fries Lilo! One of the items that stood out to me (and probably the most relatable to the UK) is the McDonald’s umbrella.

The Sesame seed umbrella can be purchased for $25 on the McDonald’s merchandise website. The product is 44 inches and 9 inches in length when closed. It has a button that allows it to open automatically. The color is bright yellow with sesame seeds decoration. The Umbrella was released in 2019 and it was for exclusively for the fans.

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