In the Games Corner… – WarioWare Smooth Moves, NIntendo Wii

Everybody enjoys a fun party game, especially one that you can play with friends. So today, we will be looking at one in particular. WarioWare Smooth Moves was released on the 12th January 2007, it was developed by Nintendo SPD and Intelligent Systems. The game was also produced by Yoshio Sakamoto and Ryoichi Kitanishi.

The Nintendo Wii game is similar to the other games in the WarioWare collection where you have to complete and play in a variety of micro puzzle games. This particular game is all about the Wii remote and holding it in specific ways. Some of the games also require the Wii Num-chuk attachment. Before any of the games start you get an instruction graphic to show you just how to hold the remote control. The game is loosely connected by a story with a boss stages throughout. Once the game is completed in story mode, it opens up to be multiplayer for up to 12 players.

The game received really high ratings and even won awards. The game was praised for the games entertainment value and how well it would go down at parties. Apparently it has sold over 1.82 million copies.

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