In The Games Corner – Silver Surfer, Ninetendo Entertainment System

Today we are heading back to a few decades to look at a Marvel computer game that you may not have heard of or you may have done depending on if you’ve heard about the Legacy. Silver Surfer was released in November of 1990 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was developed by software creations and published by Arcadia systems.

Silver Surfer was a side-scrolling platform game where you play on the as the humanoid alien Silver Surfer who travels through space on his surfboard style craft. The game is based on the comics of the character and is a classic shoot-’em-up Style game.

The level constantly scrolls and only stops when you are defeating a boss in the game. There are many villains in the game that the from the comic book series including Reptyl, Fire Lord Kyle and Processor. The game has a number of password codes that if you type in you can upgrade your armor and abilities. To defend yourself against the enemies you can shoot silver pellets out of his hands you can also collect power-ups as well as allow you to fire pellets that are stronger.

The game is named for its difficulty and it was really hard. A lot of people can complete it cannot complete it.

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