Into The Archives….

We are currently putting on hold all Show Of The Week articles so instead we are delving into the archives with a few articles every Monday to make up for it. So every Monday we will be sharing a few interviews from our archives for you to read and enjoy – this is everything from the world of improv, to comedy to music. Enjoy.

In The Games Corner – BOARD GAMES EDITION – The Mind 

One of our writers, that goes by the name Board not Bored writes reviews of board games that they play whilst also comparing how they can be used for improv. 

“…Now the beauty of this is in its simplicity. I’ve played The Mind in groups where the age has ranged from six to 70s and everyone has had a good time or, if they hated it, been too polite to say…”


25 Years of Quality and Diversity: Sven Lanser on Impro Amsterdam

At the beginning of this year, our writer Rachel Thorn interviewed different organizers of different improv based festivals about the work involved and a look behind the scenes.

“…We aim to touch and inspire performers, workshop participants and audience. Impro is more than just comedy. Just like scripted theatre it can be heartwarming, shocking and/or revealing…”

Take a look at her interview with Sven Lanser the artistic director of IMPRO Amsterdam.

Improv Corner – FEATURE – Are We The Authors Of Our Own Work?

Back in 2018, our editor Holly was inspired by an episode of the Simpsons to have a look at the ideology of who is the author of an improv scene more in depth.

“Homer stands up and protests and says that him and Mr Burns should be getting the applause and praise, not the players, as they were the ones that came up with the ideas initially that led to the audience laughing. This got me thinking and looking at improv from another angle – who technically is an author of an improv scene? “

It is a really interesting topic so why not read it here!




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