In The Games Corner – Kirby’s Pinball Land, Game Boy

Kirby and Nintendo go hand in hand and in the nineties it was a huge character franchise that had a lot of games to it’s name. Kirby’s Pinball Land was released in 1993, it was published by Nintendo and Developed by HAL Laboratory. This was the third game of it’s kind from the Developers but it was the first spin off version dedicated to Kirby.

The game is based around a pinball machine and follows the similar aims and goals of the classic arcade machibne. The difference with this computer game is that the pinball in none other then Kirby. The aim of the game is to get Kirby to reach the top floor of each machine so that they can then defend the boss of that level.

In each pinball game, you can earn double points adn multipliers by tapping certain areas of the machine however you also have to avoid enemies on your journeys as well. There are characters along the way that help you travel up the board that throw you upwards to get further.

The game was welcomed with a lot of positive reception with people praising as one of the better pinball games on Gameboy.

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