The Travel Book – The Mural Trail, Angoulême, France

If you are heading to Angoulême then there is one thing that you need to do – look up! Art and cartoons are at the forefront and centre of Angoulême and all around the town there are many different paintings on the buildings that all have a history in the french cartoon word or tell a story. Angoulême is known as the ‘home of the comic strip’ and has a rich history in regards to this. To celebrate its history the city introduced an art trail which decorates loads of buildings throughout the town.

There are about 20 walls that have been painted by an association of mural painters called Cite de Creation. Apparently it is the only town in the world where artists have been creating this global strategy. The idea also makes the whole place feel like an open air museum.

When I visited Angoulême we were not aware of how big the comic strip were celebrated in the town and it was such a lovely delight. It is so lovely seeing all the paintings everywhere and you go out of your way to find them. We saw quite a lot of them but there are still so many that I want to return and find. Also having these murals around the town persuade you to walk a lot more – meaning that it you have someone who is reluctant to walk loads then this is a great excuse to push them.

We like to walk a lot so we saw many of the paintings and I adored them as they were all so different. Here are some of my favourite.

anglie s

anglo 3

anglie 3

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