In the Games Corner – Pokemon Red, Gameboy Color

poke redI never really got into the television show of Pokemon –  I used to be a huge fan of SM:TV Live so the only reason I would only really watch it was because it was on that (anyone remember the Poke battle?). I cannot remember why or how I ended up with Pokemon Red but the one thing I do remember was that it was highly additive and so much fun. Someone at my school hacked all the computers in IT and we all ended playing it then (my class got severely to off for that one). The thing is, what made that game special .)

Pokemon Red was released on Gameboy and Gameboy color in 1996 and then 1998. It was published by Nintendo and developed by Game Freak. The aim of the game is like any of the Pokemon universe – to go on an adventure to try and collect all the creatures on the Pokedex as well as going into battles on route. There was also a Blue  version released the same time as the Red version and these two were the leaders of what has become the huge multi-billion franchise. I had both of these at some point in my life and I always preferred the red version because for some reason I loved the game being entirely in red instead of blue which was weird because the latter is my favourite colour. The games sold over 1.04 million copies and it is evident on where the franchise is today just how popular it has become.

In regardless to not being a fan of the show, I really adored playing this game – it was such a great adventure game and the most exciting thing was going to to new areas and finding out what new species you could find. There was an ability to link up with other players through a cable, but that never appealed to me, all I wanted was the adventure not to lose my Pokemon to others.

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