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The Travel Book – Cambridge, Boston, USA

You are heading to Boston and there is many sites that you want to see but one of them you should out on your list as a must is the city of Cambridge because how many times do you get to visit a place that is home to some of the best Universities in the world?


Cambridge is located in the Boston Metropolitan area and it is the home of Harvard University. You an book onto student lead walking tours depending on what time of the year that you go to the city. Even if you do not get a chance to get into the actual university then you can still get a really impressive view of the campus from the town.  The city of Cambridge is not just the home of Harvard, it is also the home of the university MIT and it located within two miles of the other university.

There is so much to do in Cambridge including shopping, dining, theatres, museums and many clubs. Some of the museums on offer include Museum of Science, The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethonology and The Longfellow House.


I went to Cambridge in 2010 and I don’t remember a lot of it apart from that it was quite pretty and it looked like a university town. I know that sounds silly but in America it always feels like they build the town around the university and not the other way round. I don’t remember loads but I do remember lots of tourist shops with all the Harvard hoodies.

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