Life Lessons From Sitcoms

Life Lessons From Sitcoms – Mr Bean

Welcome to this months feature all about sitcoms and comedies, I watch a lot of them and always have done for as long as I can remember and looking back on them, I have learnt so many life lessons along the way. So I thought why not shine a light on them and share them with the world – some of them are important some of them are silly little things but I think it is always interesting to share. Today’s life lesson comes from – Mr Bean 



Life Lesson Learnt: There are Pros and Cons to Being Alone. 

About once a week I wake up worrying that one day I may wake up like Mr Bean – alone and my only friend being Teddy (or McCuddles in my case). It is silly and lucky for me the feeling passes pretty quickly and only really comes on it I have got lost in my thoughts. I am from a small family and an only child so ever so often you worry that your future will be yourself and a teddy sitting in a apartment by yourself – is is silly but it happens. I suppose it is sort of like my Bridget Jones moment – you now that section when she finds out Daniel Cleaver is cheating on her – she says she could either die alone eaten by wolves, I always see this image as my version of that.

I love Mr Bean, I think it is one of the best comedies in the past twenty odd years – it is like a modern day silent film and the comedy in it is genius and has been the reason certain comedy trends exist today. You only have to watch the physicality of the stunts to understand why so many countries have this show – it doesn’t matter what language you speak, everyone can enjoy the humour and some of the best episodes will never go out of trend.

When I watch Mr Bean I am always in two frames of mind – the first is enjoyment, I find it funny and adore the really out of the box approaches to how it faces a topic I also adore the physicality and the silliness of the show. There will be a point however if I start to watch more then one in a row where I start to feel sorry for the character and a bit sad.

The thing about this show is if you take a step back and actually look at the situation of Mr Bean – there is both a positive and negative spin on it. The positive being that he can take any situation when he is on his own and turn it into something positive – he gets the most out of life and really embraces even the smallest thing such as an eye for his teddy or a nativity scene or an exam. Then there is also the negative side that even though it is a comedy, there seems to be a sadness about the fact that he never gets the result he wants and always ends up at the end alone.

The sitcom sort of shows in some ways that there are pros and cons to being on your own but no matter what you actual opinion on that is, you have to agree it really is a great show.

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