The Travel Book – Feeding Parakeets, Kensington Gardens, London, United Kingdom

Are you in London and want to do something a bit different? Well this may be an activity you will want to try out – but I will say, if you do want to do it you cannot be afraid of birds.  My friend is pretty new to London so still sort of acts like a tourist, finding interesting activities to do and this one he came across on the Londonist website.

This activity is based in Kensington Gardens but before you can enter the park you need to buy apples. Trust me, if you do not visit this place without apples you will really regret it. When you get to Kensington Gardens, find the Peter Pan Statue. When you are directly facing it turn left and look for a green sign that is an information board about the wildlife; there is a little walkway that heads into a small amount of trees and when you exit the other side you are welcomed by what can only be described as a tourist trap and animal den.

This particular place is a hot spot for parakeets, I am not particularly sure why but this particular area has become a feeding point. There are so many people of all ages holding apples in the air with Parakeets all over their arms.

The way to do this is to keep calm and raise a bitten apple into the air. Wait patiently and do not move. The birds will land on you and start eating the apple. The first piece of advice – wear long sleeves, their claws are sharp and if they land on you, you will gain scuffs and scratches.

The second piece of advice – only feed apples. We tried feeding the parakeets nuts and whilst they loved them, so did the pigeons so expect them to land on you and fight for food – as my friend found out. The third piece of advice – parakeets are wild animals do sanitize your hands after feeding them. Also respect them, be quiet, be calm, no loud noises and take care around them.

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