Improv Diaries – Life After Brighton and Team Punders! [Case Study: Buffet Improv]

This week it was back to the normal world and adjusting to the real life again after Brighton Fringe. The festival was so intense that even after a week you still feel buzzing. Whilst the rest of the week felt slow and boring there was one thing I was very much looking forward to Punders rehearsal.

It has been a long time that most of Punderstandably have been in the same room so having the chance to rehearse with nearly everyone for the June show was so fun as it gave us the chance to test out our new elements. We have come up with lots of new things for this show so it is important to make sure that they work.

We started the rehearsal by doing warm ups and trying to make our standard ones a lot harder then they already are as we play them so much that we find some of them too easy to do. We then went through testing all the new game we are bringing to the show to make sure they work well with the people that are playing them.

After all of these tests we then did a rehearsal and run through of the whole show because it is the last time until the show that we are in the same room as each other. It went really really well and the energy was electric so it was so much fun. Roll on the 18th.

Case Study: Buffet Improv


When thinking about case studies this week I wanted to showcase a group that look like they are having fun on stage and there was one that came to my head and that was Buffet Improv. I have only seen them perform a couple of times but one thing that really stood out to me is that they really enjoy each others company and on stage they always look like they are having a lot of fun as a team.  I think sometimes that this is one of the most important factors of a team – you have to be able to have fun without each other.

When we were in rehearsal and was testing out new games, we got a little lost in rehearsal because we all got lost in our heads due to not playing it very often. When we played it again and stopped thinking about it so much we ended up having a lot of fun and enjoying it more as it was more focussed on the players then the game.

Whenever I have seen Buffet Improv on stage they always seem to have a smile on their faces and full of energy. It is a breath of fresh air and that’s one of the things that make them great.

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