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The Travel Book – Ybor City, Tampa, Florida, USA

Today we look at the historic neighbourhood of Tampa in the USA that is renowned for it’s rich history in cigars – welcome to Ybor City. Ybor City was founded in 1885 and was sort of created when Vicente Martinez Ybor moved his cigar production to the area from Cuba.


Inside the tram

It has had the nickname of ‘Cigar City’ for years due to the production that has been happening there. The fact that Ybor has a big history it is designated as a National Historic Landmark District.

Even if you are not a cigar fan, you should go and visit the city to just say that you have been there as it is very unique and really quaint in some places. To get to Ybor, you can get the yellow tram from central Tampa. The town really feels like it is set in the past and you will enjoy the old signs and shop fonts.

I visited Ybor when I went to Tampa in 2013, and whilst it wasn’t my favourite place I went to, I am glad I saw it as it gave me the chance to appreciate the rich history.

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