Improv Corner – The American Diaries Special – Warm Up Ideas

Sometimes you want to come up with new warm up games for you to play with your improv team because you always play the same ones day in day out. Well, when I was working in New York (refer to the American Diaries from last months article) I came across some different sort of warm up games that are transferable to the world of improv. So lets have a look at them today.

How long Is a piece of String?

This is a really good exercise when you are part of a new improv group or even when you are auditioning new members to a group as it really is about getting to know the person. You get the person to take a 10 foot piece of string and get them to wrap it around their finger (obviously make sure it is not too tight and there are health and safety in order!) The amount of time it takes for them to completely wrap it around themselves is the time that they have to talk about themselves and to give you an introduction into who they actually are.

Magic Carpet

This one is a good exercise again to get to know your team a bit better and to sort of work as a team to resolve a problem. Six of so of you stand on a mat, it is as simple as that – all you have to do is work together to turn the mat over, without stepping off the map – simple eh? It is a way to really warm up your brain, to get you in the mindset of Improv and to work better as a team.

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