Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – Phantoms, Marianas Trench

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at a new album by the Canadian Rock band that are becoming bigger by the minute – Phantoms, Marianas Trench 

Wish You Were Here

This song is very jolly and has essences of the previous Mariana Trench songs, which is not a bad thing in fact it is good because it ties in their legacy but also intertwines with a new step in their genre development and that is the great thing about this band they always develop their sound and create an album that is a musical journey story instead of just music.

Your Ghost

This song is a very up tempo song but actually it is quite  a good song lyrically as well as musically. If you are aware of their back catalogue then you will be aware that Astoria took you on a journey of heartbreak since it was written just after the lead singer and bands writer Josh Ramsey engagement broke off. This song has lyrics bleeding of positively and moving on and feels like it’s it not just the band developing musically but also a new chapter personally as well.

The Death Of Me

his song is the penultimate one on the album and if you look at this album like a film (which is what I tend to do with Trench albums) it is sort of like the song a fallen hero or a enemy starting to see the light will sing. It is musically very different and very clever – in the last section of the song it feels like the character of the story is wilting away and fading into the atmosphere

The Killing Kind

The last song on a Mariana Trench album is always very similar to a grand finale of a musical and this album is no different. This album was based around the theme of house is haunted and this song brings all of the strands of story together. It goes through different elements musically and lyrically and is like an adventure start to end. The different use of instruments really makes this song extraordinary. Another thing I love about this song is that if you are a fan of Marianas Trench you can hear elements of old theme albums and it ties them all together. It feels like it is sort of ending a huge chapter in the legacy and taking them to the next step – sort of like a film series or a book series like Harry Potter. This finale song sort of feels like the Half Blood Prince (or The ending of Empire Strikes Back) metaphorically as it ties up loose ends whilst also changing the dynamics of what is to come and that there is a new adventure that is about to happen

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